chapter  19
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EUNUCHS AND SEXUAL PERVERSIONS Female eunuchs-Excision of the ovaries and mutilation of the ClitorisIn Egypt-Among the Copts-Male eunuchs-Their role in the orient-The Bible on eunuchs-The Koran on mutilation-Origin of the creation of eunuchs-Semiramide-Potiphar-Eunuchs in Osman history-The character of eunuchs-Their position in Persia-The eunuchs in Rome-Division of eunuchs into three categories-The crushing of the testicles-An historic incident-Eunuchs as husbands-The feeling of revenge 0/ eunuchs-Eunuchs in India-Eunuchs beloved by women-Men among women, women among -men-Coitus through the mouth-M pnumental representation of coitus through the mouth-Mouth-coitus among the Romans-Brothels for oral-coitus in Algiers-Mouth-coitus harmful to' women-A praise of

Female eunuchs are a remarkable thing in the orient. They cut open the belly of young maidens in order to extirpate the ovaries. They cut the clitoris to the root, they then close the vulva. and sew together the labia pudendi. In this manner they create beings without sex and without desire.