chapter  28
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CONFINEMENT First treatment of the woman after delivery-Constantinople customs-What Dr. Beck reported to me from Bagdad-Syrian diet of the woman in child. bed-IafJa-Palestine-The 40 days-Graco·Wallavian customs-Fear of demons-Uncleanness of the woman in child·bed-Hebrew-Ancient Greek; -Modern Greek-Superstitious notions-The woman in child·bed and the kitchen-The woman in child·bed and coitus-Moroccan customs-Protec· tion of the woman in child·bed from evil charms-Albanian method 0/ protection-Laws and prohibitions with respect to women in child·bed and the new·born-The white nymphs among the Graco·Wallachians-The fire near the woman in child.bed-Iewish customs from Palestine-SyrianWritings on visits to wo:::en in child·bed-Prohibition of the lending 0/

A Veddah Girl-Fifteen Years Old

In Constantinople the midwife usually works on the body of the woman after delivery in the following manner so that the parts which have suffered during delivery should return to their former position: she presses on the abdomen, she raises the hands of the sufferer high in the air, and pushes her about, and then binds her abdomen and also her head tightly with cloths.