chapter  1
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Love and Love Charms Love potions-among the Romans-in Fran<;e-in the present day Orient-The southern Slav oracle of the coal-Bosnian love me-

LOVE AND LOVE CHARMS I,ol'e polio",,-among the Homans-in France-in the present day OrientThe ,wmthern Slav oracle of the coal-Bosnian . love medium-a Serbian rpmedy for the charm of lOI'e-Roumanian cllstoms and oracles-Love 1II1'lllOds in Illdia-Concept of lOl'e 'in the Orient-A Bosnian love-duetI'er.<ian cwtom.<-The death penally for secret love-The charm of bushy p~·ebro({'.<-The lot'e phy.<iologi.<t Omer Haleby on lOl'e charms-Super-

Love potions have been used in all times! Ovid wrote of their power to make persons of both sexes,

who at first were quite indifferent to each other, to fall in love. The power of such love potions were often only psychic and harmless; in other cases the drinks consisted of poisonous matter, which, however, worked charms on the libido, the so· called aphrodisiacs; at times a person of the female sex"through stupefaction was transported into a deep sleep by strammonium, hyoscyamus or belladonna, so that the debaucher had little dif· ficulty in satisfying his lust.