chapter  3
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Mohammed's first wife was called Chadidschah. Although she was ten years older than the prophet, she remained until her death constantly in his favor. When she died at the age of sixty-five, the prophet mourned bitterly and never recovered from his grief. For a long time thereafter he clung to her memory in love and fidelity. Aischah, the next favorite wife of Mohammed, asked him one day: 0 Apostle of God! Chadidschah was already old; did not Allah give you a younger and better wife to replace her?" But the prophet answered: "No, of course not! Allah has given me no better one. Chadidschah loved me when I was alone and without support. She believed my words when the world still gave me the fig. She was generous and kind to me when all men were my enemies. She gave me all that she had; offered me her goodness and her blood."