chapter  6
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ADULTERY Hebraic laws-The Koran on adultery-The penalty of stoning-Difference between free and unfree u:omen-A Turkish concept-Moslem tradwonsPersian penalties-The Turkish legalist Ibrahim Haleby on adultery-The crown It'itnesses-Penaltics for adulterers-The single instance of a stoning in Islam-Freedom from punishment in certain cases-Corrective punish· me/lIs--l'he pretended adultery of the prophet's wife Aischa-Warning oi th" Koran on defamation-Political consequences of the defamation of

In ancient times the death penalty was prescribed for adultery among the Hebrews. Moses orders it in 3 book XX 10 and in 5 boo~ XXII 22. In the latter passage it is said: Both the bride who breaks faith with her groom and her seducer shall be stoned to death. This law was later mitigated. In the language of Jesus the son of Sirah, XXIII 19: Adulteresses and adulterers shall be punished; but no further mention is made here of the death penalty.