chapter  IX
WithT. D. Kendrick
Pages 26

Ireland, careless of possible Irish resistance, but determined to crush the power of the Finngaill and to take the land for themselves. Long and bitter was the fighting between these Danes and the Norsemen. There was a jealousy between North and South, and much fighting, viking raids of rapine, between the chiefs of the several states. Of course, in the beginning neither the audacity of their forays nor the behaviour of the vikings themselves distinguished the Norwegian pirates in Ireland from the Danish buccaneers on the Continent. The Battle of Clontarf, for that is the name of this famous fight, began in the early morning with a personal combat between two champions, one from Brodir’s division and the other from Murchad’s. But this was quickly followed by an advance on the part of Maelmordha and the centre, and the battle-clash of Murchad and Brodir.