chapter  VI
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Chapter VI

ON the afternoon of the 10th November we started for Kedaref, Our route now lay in a more southerly direction. On the 13th we crossed the Atbara, a tributary of the Nile, bringing to the father of rivers the waters of Northern Abyssinia. On the 17th we entered Sheik Abu Sin, the capital of the province of Kedaref.* Our cameleers belonged to the ShukrieArabs. They are a semi-pastoral, semi-agricultural tribe, and reside principally in the neighbourhood of and along the course of the Atbara, or wander over the immense plains that extend almost without limit from this river to the Nile. They are more degenerated than the Beni-Amers, having mixed more with the Nubian and other tribes that dwell around them. They speak an impure Arabic. Many have retained the features and general appearance of the original

race, whilst others might be looked upon as halfcastes, and some can with difficulty be distinguished from the Nubians or Takruries.