chapter  5
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The Outer Settlements

In reality. however. this new stratum in the population changed the history of Van Diemen's Land. for they settled the rich lands of New Norfolk. and gradually 'locations' spread through the Bagdad Valley and along the path to Launceston.12 A number of disbanded marines joined them in 1813 and. three years later. the first emigration ship arrived from England. Soon. the colony began to pour corn into New South Wales proper and progress became still more rapid when Sorell came in 1817.13

A born administrator. he 'produced order out of chaos' during his seven years of rule. He started by turning the sheep track to Port Dalrymple (Launceston) into a highway. and by penetrating the land on both sides.14 The mountainous west was left alone but settlement in the Esk district commenced. At the same time. the ranges of the extreme south-west were threatened by the occupation of Port Macquarie with large settlers.15