chapter  7
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The Politics of Political Literature: Kawakibi, Azoury and Jung

It is now generally agreed that Abd aI-Rahman al-Kawakibi and Negib Azoury are the first to have formulated in books the view that the Arabs were entitled to secede from the Ottoman empire and to have the Caliphate transferred back to them. The arguments by which such a demand was supported are certainly worth examining; but since these arguments are not academic or scientific, but political or practical, it becomes equally interesting to examine the circumstances in which they were published, and the political and other purposes which they furthered. So far as Kawakibi is concerned, Sylvia G. Haim has drawn attention to certain evidence tending to show that Umm al-qura, in which Kawakibi advanced a claim on behalf of the Arab caliphate, was probably a piece of Khedivial propaganda, a weapon which may have been of some use in furthering the Khedive Abbas' various ambitions.1