chapter  10
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The Apprentice Sorcerers

The author of this intriguing book * tells us that he went to Egypt in 1953 as an employee of the well-known Washington firm of management consultants, Booz, Allen and Hamilton. In 1955 his employers lent him to the U.S. Department of State where he was a member of a group called 'The Middle East Policy Planning Committee' the main purpose of which, he declares, was 'to work out ways of taking advantage of the friendship which was developing between ourselves and Nasser'. He left the State Department in May 1957 and in July of the same year set up in Beirut a 'government relations consulting office'. We also learn from his book that in 1947 he had been sent to Damascus-by whom is not stated-'to make unofficial contact' with Syrian leaders and 'to probe for means of persuading them, on their own, to liberalize the political system'.