chapter  10
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The Arab-Ottoman Brotherhood

The society was established by this group of functionaries and spies in the aftermath of a consultation that took place in Prinkipio, near Istanbul, on 5 August 1908, following attacks on the houses of Arabs who had served in the old regime. There were no such attacks on the houses of Turks who had taken positions similar to those of the Arabs. The group was joined by a number of Arab students who apparently had some doubts about the motivations of the founders, but nevertheless felt the need to support any group that declared itself to be Arab. Two of these students, 'Abd al-Karim Qasim al-Khalil and Jamil al-Husayni, distributed the society's proclamations, which announced its official opening conference in the capital on 2 September 1908. Representatives of the CUP were also present at this conference, which was held with the participation of many Arabs who lived in Istanbul, and a CUP officer delivered a speech approving the society's programme without reservations.10