chapter  14
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These two were joined in the establishment of the society's centre by 'Abd al-Hamid al-Zahrawi, an 'alim from Horns who was then a representative of Hama in the parliament, and 'Aziz 'AH al-Misri, an Egyptian-born officer who was later to play an important role in the development of the Arab movement in this period. Al-Misri later expressed reservations about the multiplicity of the Arab societies, and he claimed that it would be better to concentrate on developing and strengthening a single society. Salim al-Jaza'iri opposed this approach and argued that the many societies had a right to exist simultaneously, even if they were striving for the same goals. In his opinion this was the only way to compete with the Turks, who also had many societies. Other prominent men who joined the society were the civilians Haqqi al-'Azm, Shukri al-'Asali, 'Izzat al-Jundi, Amin and 'Adil Arslan (cousins), Hasan Hamada, 'Abd al-Karim Qasim alKhalil, 'Arif al-Shihabi, Ibrahim Salim al-Najjar, Salim Thabit and Da'ud al-Dabbuni; and the officers Amin Lutfi al-Hafiz, 'Ali al-Nashashibi and Isma'il al-Saffar.4