chapter  29
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Origins of the activists of the Arab-oriented societies (in percentages):

The Societies of the Arab Revival, al-Fatat, al-Qahtaniyya and the Literary Club were composed almost exclusively of members from Greater Syria. Most of the activists of the Society of the Arab-Ottoman Brotherhood were from Greater Syria, although there was a large minority from Iraq. In the Green Flag and al-'Ahd there were a majority of Iraqis with a large minority of members from Greater Syria. Among the members from Greater Syria in all the societies the largest number hailed from Damascus. The largest number of Iraqi society members came from Baghdad. Nevertheless, if Greater Syria and Iraq are divided into smaller units-vilayets or even towns-a substantial heterogeneity is found in nearly all the societies. Only in the Society of the Arab Revival did the members from one city (Damascus) constitute more than half of the activists in the society. The fact that all the societies of the Arab trend were founded in non-Arab cities (Istanbul and Paris), and were fairly heterogeneous from the viewpoint of the towns of origin of their activists, permits conjecture that the establishment of these societies as Arab-oriented ones was derived from the fact that their activists were searching for the greatest common denominator that could unite them despite their different origins-Arabism-for the purpose of joint activity in a foreign city.