chapter  7
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The Impact of French Rule on Contemporary Morocco

Twenty-two years separated the end of the conquest drive and the termination of the Protectorate. This final phase of French domination over Morocco was characterized by two independent yet mutually influential processes: the decline of French stature and power in Europe, and the growth of indigenous nationalist activism in Morocco. Early signs of things to come were already registered while the troops in southern Morocco were preparing for their final onslaught against the Anti Atlas. In February 1934 the streets of Paris became a battleground for rioting groups from the extreme Right and Left.1 In December a "Moroccan Reform Plan5 was published by the newly created 'Moroccan Action Committee5.2 Alone, neither of these events had a direct impact on French military policy in Morocco. In retrospect, however, both were significant landmarks in the demise of the Third Republic and the emergence of militant Moroccan nationalism.