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The warrior, whether a terrorist, guerrilla, mercenary, pirate or international criminal, will continue to be the most frequent violent opponent of rule-oflaw states. After a decade in which the United States failed to respond adequately to the proliferation of warrior-driven conflicts, the events of September 11 th, 2001, triggered a profound change in America's willingness to employ military power against asymmetric opponents. Confounding the expectations of the terrorists, the attacks on New York City and Washington unified the American people, galvanized the US government, and unleashed a furious response that will continue, in a variety of forms and locations, for years, even decades, to come. While this long struggle will not be easy - or bloodless - the United States and likeminded nations can defeat warriors in every encounter ... but only if our strength of will remains stronger than that of our enemies. Requiring military ferocity, fighting warriors is ultimately a very human struggle.