chapter  8
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Women and Anthropology: Including Women in the Evolution and Diversity of Human Society

The study of anthropology is about becoming human through evolution and being human through culture. This is a very large discipline in terms of areas of study; and, although there are numerous subfields and specialties in anthropology, the three largest areas are:

Biological Allthropology

Within this subarea anthropologists study our closest genetic relatives, the other primates, in an attempt to reconstruct early pre human and human societies with the goal of better understanding the origin of the human family and human social life. We also study the fossils of prehuman ancestors (called IlOminids), which lived up to millions of years ago, in an effort to follow the course of our physical evolution. Biological anthropologists are also interested in modern humans (Homo sapiens) in terms of our genetics, diseases, differences, and similarities in adaptations to varied environments, and many other aspects of our biological adaptations.