chapter  3
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Educational Resilience in Inner Cities Margaret C. Wang, Geneva D. Haertel and Herbert J. Walberg

As the decade of the 1990s unfolds, the nation's attention has been captured by the plight of children and families in a variety of risk circumstances, and by the urgency for interventions that foster resilience and life chances of all children and youth. Problems of great severity exist for many children, youth, and families, particularly those in at-risk circumstances, such as the inner-city communities. The quality of life available to children and families in these communities is threatened by a perilous set of modern morbidities that often involve poverty, lack of employment opportunities, disorderly and stressful environments, poor health care, children born by children, and highly fragmented patterns of service. In responding to such challenges, researchers are focusing on factors that strengthen the resources and protective mechanisms for fostering healthy development and learning success of children and youth.