chapter  4
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The New Immigrants

WithJianli Zhao

In discussions about Chinese communities in America, the terms “the old immigrants” and “the new immigrants” are frequently used to distinguish immigrants who came before and after the 1960s. Generally speaking, “the old immigrants” refer to Chinese who came to America before the 1960s, particularly from the coastal Guangdong Province of China. Among the new immigrants are two major groups, “the mainlanders” and “the Taiwanese,” referring to people from mainland China and the island of Taiwan respectively. Qi Guo’s experience as a student represents the life of many early Chinese students abroad, most of whom worked parttime jobs in Chinese restaurants to support them and to pay for their tuition. Many Chinese feel the need to be part of the community, whether through helping others or through the help received from the community. This involvement provided that peace of mind that many immigrants needed in a country away from home.