chapter  5
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A Three Generation Family

WithJianli Zhao

This chapter discusses the story of one Atlanta Chinese American family. It aims to develop from four interviews with Wenjian and Weizhi Yang, their two children, Joseph and Albert, and Wenjian Yang’s parents, Yuanchung and Li-Ju. Taiwan, according to Wenjian Yang, was at that time backward in its economy and industry, and even a chemistry degree did not offer very good job opportunities. Wenjian Yang received both master’s and doctorate degrees in polymer science engineering after six years’ study at the University of Massachusetts. Wenjian’s father, Yuanchung, retired from the United Nations in 1967 at the age of sixty. The specific work that Wenjian Yang does in the chemical company is research and development management. In talking about their work, both Wenjian Yang and his wife emphasized the importance of their education and qualifications which made them easily accepted by both their co-workers and their working units.