chapter  14
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Appeal to the outside world

From the day the Russo-German war broke out, the Germans undertook the physical extermination of the Jewish population on Polish territory, using for that purpose Ukrainians and Lithuanian Siauliai [fascist paramilitary police units]. It began first of all in Eastern Galicia in the summer months of 1941. Their method everywhere was as follows: men from 14 to 60 were slaughtered, machinegunned, or killed by hand grenades. They had to dig their own graves first. Children in orphanages, inmates of old-age homes, and the hospitalised sick were shot, women were killed on the streets. In many towns Jews were taken away to an ‘unknown destination’ and executed in the nearby woods. 30, 000 Jews were murdered in Lwow, 15,000 in Stanlawow, 5,000 in Tarnopol, 2,000 in Zloczow, 4,000 in Brzezany (the town had 18,000 Jews, now has 1,700). The same happened in Zborow, Kolomyja… and [many] other places.