chapter  19
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Yoshinobu - the Last Shogun

KEIKI, THE SON OF Mito Nariaki, who had been adopted into the Hitotsubashi family, was made Iemochi's successor. He was 29 years old and would have liked to avoid the position, for he fully realised the difficulties of the situation, having been a minister of the late Shogun. He wrote to the Emperor informing him of his concern, and was promised Imperial support. Keiki then asked all the daimyo to help him fulfil his task, for he could do nothing without them, and they more or less encouraged him to accept the title. Keiki then took on the name of Y oshinobu and his first act was to end the fighting against Choshu. The goodwill of the new Shogun was obvious; for some time there was general optimism; and the people of Edo thought the good old days had returned. The representatives of the foreign nations were now following events closely and also hoped that everything would be all right. But events were stronger than the men concerned and the crisis was at hand.