chapter  30
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Harlan Cozad Mcintosh, This Fine Shadow

This Fine Shadow (Lorac Books, 1941) boasts a wordy text, in which much happens-some of it incomprehensible or at least inexplicable-at sea and in New York. In the words of Marianne Hauser in The New York Times (February 23, 1941), it “is centered around homosexuality, which is about the most difficult and also most precarious theme for a writer.” The hero, Martin Devaud, is a sailor who quits his ship in New York, is much too educated for such a lowly occupation, and is confused in both his sexuality and his liberalism. Martin’s friend, a fellow sailor named Rio, provides a fairly accurate description of the first half of the novel:

He [Martin] met a fag who had him fired, and he went off the deep end. He got drunk and the girl threw him over. I found him in the doghouse. I got hold of the fag and fixed him up a little and went to the girl’s place.