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The Problem of Definitive Identification in the Indexing of Hymn Tunes: Nicholas Temperley

The Hymn Tune Index project of the University of lllinois started, in its present form, in 1982. It is funded principally by a research grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, which has been extended, but will run out in the summer of 1987. It is staffed by Charles G. Manns as project associate, several graduate assistants, and myself as project director. What we are doing is to assemble and index all printed sources of hymn tunes intended for use with English-language texts, beginning at the beginning (the Reformation) and ending, for the time being, at the year 1820. Over half of these sources are British in origin and most of the remainder are American. The information is stored in a database and will ultimately be made available on-line as well as in book form.