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Reference Lacunae: Results of an Informal Survey of What Librarians Want: Ann Basart

In 1982, I surveyed a number of colleagues about what they thought they needed in the way of reference tools. In September 1986, I conducted another informal, non-scientific survey, to ascertain what was still needed, which gaps had been filled in the meanwhile, and why some needs were still unmet. Some interesting suggestions emerged for individual reference tools, suggestions that might snag some publishers' attention, such as the following: a subject index of songs; a guide to music publishers' numbers; a list of operas in print; biographical dictionaries of performers-both current and historical-and of rock 'n roll musicians; and indexes of

separate items on sound recordings. Librarians also wanted to increase access to music in print, mentioning a "chamber music in print," a "songs in print," and just accurate in-print infonnation for scores. Several people expressed their frustration at not having adequate directories of foreign music schools and of foreign music scholars and librarians. A summary of the survey results is appended to this paper.