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"Perfuming the Air with Music": The Need for Film Music Bibliography: Gillian B. Anderson

Vide07 and Limbacher's Keeping Score. Film Music 1972-1979.8 In the later, more recent volume, Limbacher cites John Williams as the composer for Twentieth Century Fox's 1977 production of Star Wars. In the first volume Limbacher lists Victor Young as the composer for United Artists' 1956 film Around the World in 80 Days and Dave Grusin for Avco-Embassy's 1967 film The Graduate. Unfortunately, not only is Walt Disney's Pinocchio absent from both of Limbacher's books, but there are also other errors of commission or omission. Paul Simon is not credited with the songs for The Graduate, and Avco-Embassy was incorrectly cited as the releasing company, rather than Embassy.9 At least Limbacher got the dates of the three films correct (which he frequently does not). 10

I next checked Clifford McCarty's Film Composers in America. A Checklist of Their Work. lI It listed only Disney-RKO's 1940 production of Pinocchio, because McCarty's excellent work was published in 1953, before the other three films had been released. McCarty listed Leigh Harline and Paul Smith as the composers, and gave Edward Plumb, Charles Wolcott, and Frederick Stark as the orchestrators for Pinocchio. I had now identified the composers for three of the films. However, Limbacher listed Dave Grusin as the composer of The Graduate, not also Paul Simon, and I needed to reconcile this discrepancy.