chapter  IX
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A dams states unambiguously that there were eighteen survivors after the three ashore died. Wieder's text of 1925 records the eighteen as follows:

Jacob Jansz Quaeckernaeck, of Rotterdam, captain William Adams, pilot Melchior van Sandvoort Jan Joosten van Lodensteyn Jan Cousynsen Gisbert de Coning, of Middelburg Jan Abelszoon, of Oudewater Jan Gemtsz To1 Jan Jacobsz Roos Pieter Jansz, shipwright/carpenter Pieter Adriaensz Blanckart, of Delft Michiel Physz, of Leeuwarden Thomas Cornelisz, of Dunkirk Jacob, surname unknown Jan Cornelisz, also known as den Dunnen Jacob Swager Albartus, also known as Elbert Woutersen Willem, surname unknown

According to a Japanese source, the Liefde was shipwrecked, or at least very severely damaged, on the voyage 6om Sakai - where Ieyasu viewed the ship - to Uraga. The surviving officers of the vessel were compensated to the extent of 50,000 reals but were, along with the crew, forbidden to leave Japan.