chapter  8
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Wither Jets, Hawks, and Civic? Conflict, Continuity, and Change in the Organization of Sport in a Trinidad Community: The Case of Port Fortin, 1970–1993

In the 1970s and for the first half of the 1980s, the Point Fortin Civic Centre soccer team, the Hawks basketball team, and the Jets track and field squad were leading forces in their respective national competitions. In the 1980s the teams almost simultaneously underwent an unprecedented level of decline. The nature and direction of this decline were not uniform. Hawks, for instance, disbanded as a sporting entity while the others have managed to survive. A prevalent view in the community is that the decline of Jets and Civic resulted, in part, from the actions of two government-owned entities, the Point Fortin Civic Centre (PFCC), under whose direct authority the teams fall, and the Trinidad and Tobago Oil Company (Trintoc), which attracted Point Fortin athletes to its own sport teams. This chapter details the decline of the Point Fortin teams and examines the various pressures, constraints, limitations, choices, and possibilities faced by athletes and officials involved in sport at the community level in the period 1970-1993.