chapter  2
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Critical Pedagogies and Feminist Pedagogies: Adversaries, Allies, Other?

The primary objects of my analysis are contemporary discourses that claim to be constructing "critical pedagogy" or "feminist pedagogy." Broadly speaking, these discourses outline theories and strategies for the enactment of democratic and emancipatory schooling. One does not have to look far into this literature to notice differences and separations both between and within the two discourses. That is, not only are critical and feminist discourses separated from one another, but there are apparent fragmentations within each discourse, even if the particular distinctions within the discourses are not always clear or articulated in a form of direct opposition or disagreement. The purpose of this chapter is to explore the fragmentation and ambiguity that characterize the critical and feminist pedagogy discourses by identifying various strands within each kind of discourse. 1 I do so by employing the frames established in Chapter I: first, that pedagogy implies both instructional practices and social visions and second, that the pedagogical presentation of the argument must be considered along with the pedagogy that is being advocated. I emphasize that these frames emerged from my preliminary analysis of differences within critical pedagogy discourse.