chapter  I
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La Stalla Di Maiale

King Halfdan hearing this \vished to dream also, to further explain the mystery. He consulted a magician, \vho told him that the sure way to have truly prophetic drealTIS was to sleep in a pigsty. The king did so, and dreamed that his hair gre\v to be very long and beautiful. It fell in bright locks about his head and shoulders, but they were of unequal length and colour; and one lock was longer, brighter, and lTIOre beautiful than the others. This was interpreted to mean that a mighty race of kings should spring from him, though they would be unequal in fame. The largest lock was in after days, according to Snorro Sturleson, supposed to indicate 010f the Saint. As for the queen she bore a son, Harold, who became famous for his long locks whence he was called Harold Harfagr, Of, Harold the Fair-haired.