chapter  III
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Diseases the Result of Prostitution.

I HAVE now to consider one or two of the most ordinary consequences of promiscuous intercourse. In passing through (as she generally does, whether rising or falling in the scale) this phase of her career, the prostitute almost inevitably contracts some form of the contagious (vulgo "infectious") diseases, which in medicine we term" venereal."* How these are passed from sex to sex and back again, ad infinitum, it were superfluous here to illustrate. I have treated at length elsewhere,+ under the head of specific disease, of the laws which govern these complaints, and of the influences which favour their diffusion, and the reader will, I dare say, gladly dispense with the introduction of those topics here. I propose, however, in the following pages, to offer some idea of their importance, as being the first and foremost of the effects of prostitution coming under the notice of the surgeon.