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Contextualizing Police Reform: Security, the Rule of Law and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding by Rama Mani

CIVPOL: The UN Instrument for Police Reform by Halvor Hartz

The Blue Flame and the Gold Shield: Methodology, Challenges and Lessons Learned on Human Rights Training for Police by Francesca Marotta

The Role of Bilateral Support for Police Reform Processes: The Case of the United States by Otwin Marenin

Building New Police Forces in EI Salvador and Guatemala: Learning and Counter-Learning by William Stanley

CIVPOL Operations in Eastern Slavonia, 1992-98 by Tor Tanke Holm

Peacebuilding in Southern Africa: Police Reform in Mozambique and South Africa by Mark Malan

Police Reform and Human Rights Investigations: The Experience of the UN Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Claudio Cordone