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Looking for a Few Good Cops: Peacekeeping, Peacebuilding and CIVPOL: Chuck Call and Michael Barnett

The international community is looking for a few good cops. As peacekeeping operations give way to peacebuilding and comprehensive security, the international community is increasingly discovering that soldiers such as the UN 'blue helmets' are ill-equipped to do a police officer's job. Paralleling the meteoric role of peacekeeping operations in monitoring internal instability is the increased prominence of CIVPOL forces. Numbering only 35 in 1988, CIVPOL increased a hundred-fold within four years and have been deployed in a dozen countries: 1,500 CIVPOL served in Namibia, 3,600 in Cambodia, 900 in Haiti, and 1,800 in Bosnia. At present there are roughly 4,360 CIVPOL deployed around the world, including some 1,900 in Bosnia.