chapter  5
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Prefixes and suffixes – extending and updating

Guidelines for teachers Introducing prefixes and suffixes The joy of prefixes and suffixes is that they bring order and certainty to our language. They demonstrate how people use and develop language for their own purposes; how words are built up, manufactured and developed to make the language more accessible and user-friendly. Once we learn the meaning of prefixes - such as tele, mono, semi - or suffixes - graph, less, ful - it becomes much easier to begin deciphering new or difficult words. Building children's knowledge of the range of prefixes and suffixes our language contains, helping them to understand how and when they can be used and illustrating how they can affect, extend and alter vocabulary and meaning is a vital part of their language development. As the children become more experienced at using these two essential components of our vocabulary, they will begin to understand just how integral they are to our language.