chapter  3
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Homonyms – sorting out the correct meaning

Guidelines for teachers Introducing homonyms Just when children are beginning to make sense of language, along come homonyms to puzzle and confuse them. How can four words which all sound the same have a different spelling - write, right, wright, rite - and a different meaning? And how can a game played in summer with a bat and ball on a village green - cricket - sound the same, and have the same spelling, as an insect that makes a strange noise by rubbing its back legs together? Homonyms, more than anything else, demonstrate the way the English language has borrowed, and is still borrowing, words from almost every other country, language and time. And with an alphabet of only 26 letters and about 40 sounds, there is bound to be some overlap with the spelling and meaning of words. Just to add to the confusion, there are homographs and homophones.