chapter  4
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Rhyming words – introducing humour, fun and fascination

Guidelines for teachers Introducing rhyming words Some of the first words and phrases that we ever heard were probably rhymes - and that love of rhyme and rhythm, with predictable, repetitive word patterns, stays with us even when we grow up. Rhyme injects fun, wit, joy and even beauty into our language, bringing it alive, constantly renewing and refreshing not just our vocabulary but our thoughts and ideas. It also allows us to indulge our endless fascination with words and their sounds and also with our ability to communicate. For children, rhyme offers endless opportunities for them to widen their imagination and inventiveness, to revel in the excitement of a new-found and possibly unique coupling - am I really the first person ever to rhyme baboon with hot air balloon or trampoline with jellybean? - and to exercise their memories because everything is so much easier to remember when it is in rhyme.