chapter  16
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Working with the group dimension

Emotional or behavioural difficulties are given expression in relationships, in groups, and so the dynamics of group relations can bring into sharp focus the issues and problems demanding attention. For unintegrated children a key area of difficulty is a lack of the capacity to work and play with others in group>s. Monean and Hart ('1989: 26) write. I f the behciviour of ouoils was to be improved, consideration needed to be given first as to how to enable pupils to

strategy is often ignored in favour of individualised activities. Croll and Moses (1985) showed that children can expect to spend, at most, only 3.2 per cent of their time receiving individual attention from the teacher. Left to work individually for the greater part of their day, children identified by their teachers as having behavioural difficulties spent tv/ice as much time distracted from what they were supposed to be doing as other children.