chapter  3
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The great problem of 'need': a case study in children who don't behave

Those phenomena are created by certain kinds of mindsets and professional systems which accentuate rather than attenuate difference.

the exclusionary practices associated with special education.

A search through the last ten years' issues of five leading national and infawafi A-n'sl imirTi'alc n rx cir\ rrl ^ -n'S-nQi" iatViinVi rl i ar*i tccac in mxr r\ ai-n 11 fKo1ILH.JL11UUUI LUI j W Wll X LC1XC7 i LUJ 1LUL Cl JliLglL VV1LH.1L U.ICV. UOD^ a XX L UX L y ULlUll UX provenance, status, robustness, legitimacy or meaning of the term 'emotional and behcLvioural difficulties' (EBD). This is surely a cause for concern. The term is widely and unquestioningly used in the UK (and other countries have their own equivalents) as an administrative and quasi-clinical category. Uniquely it proffers a category which is specific to children, and which combines legal, medical and educational connotations and meanings.