chapter  2
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State of the planet, Kyoto and technical ¿xes

This chapter provides an overview of the state of the planet. It begins with a summary of the human condition, for it is the human condition that gives the anthropocentric context to global warming. One dominating aspect of this context is global inequality. Global inequality is inseparable from global warming, both in its causes and consequences. The chapter will then turn to the state of the biosphere, touching on the myriad of indicators of the planet’s ill-health, before focusing on global warming. It then provides a summary of the main international responses to climate change to date, particularly the history of the Kyoto Protocol. The chapter then assesses the potential for technologies such as carbon capture and storage, geo-sequestration and biofuels as global warming solutions, as well as providing an evaluation of the role of renewable energy in addressing the problem of global warming.