chapter  13
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Use and Abuse of Alcohol: a Health Promotion Perspective

Before its effectiveness can be evaluated, health promotion must be focused on to a problem. But the problem must be real and empirically defined. Consider alcohol abuse, it is recognised world-wide as a problem, and an immensely contrived series of legislative initiatives attempt to constrict it from every side, ranging from when one is allowed to sell alcohol, to sanctions against driving a vehicle with more than a certain alcohol level in the bloodstream. Even the WHO made alcohol abuse the subject of one of its thirty-eight targets for Health for All 2000 (1985), as follows:

By 1995, in all Member States, there should be significant decrease in such health damaging behaviour as overuse of alcohol….The attainment of this target could be significantly supported by developing integrated programmes aimed at reducing consumption of alcohol, and of other harmful substances, by at least 25% by the year 2000.