chapter  IV
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The Judgment of the Dead

I had committed, and they said unto me, 'Let him that can save thee from the tornlents into which thou shalt be cast come hither.' And they had in their hands iron knives, and pointed goads which "vere like unto sharp spears, and they drove them into my sides and gnashed upon file with their teeth. When a little tiTue afterwards my eyes were opened I saw death hovering about in the air in its nlanifold fo1"111s, and at that moment angels who were without pity came and dragged my wretched soul from my body, and having tied it under the form of a black horse they 13d me away to Amenti. Woe be unto every sinner like unto myself who hath been born into the world I o my master and father, I was the~ delivered into the hands of a multitude of tormentors who were without pity and who had each a different form. Oh, what a number of wild beasts did I see in the way! Oh, what a number of powert were there that inflicted punishment upon me! And it came to pass that when I had been cast into the outer darkness, I saw a great ditch which was more than two hundred cubits deep, and it was filled with reptiles; each reptile had seven heads, and the body of each was like unto that of a scorpion. In this place also lived the Great Worm, the mere sight of which terrified him that looked thereat. In his mouth he had teeth like unto iron stakes, and one took me and threw me to this Worm which never ceased to eat; then immediately

all the [other] beasts gathered together near him, and when he had filled his mouth [with my flesh], all the beasts who were round about Ine filled theirs." In answer to the question of the holy man as to whether he had enjoyed any rest or period without suffering, the mummy replied: " Yea, 0 my father, pity is shown unto those who are in torment every Saturday and every Sunday. As soon as Sunday is over we are cast into the torments which we deserve, so that we may forget the years which we have passed ill the world; and as S0011 as we have forgotten the grief of this torment we are cast into another which is still more grievous."