chapter  14
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Major accident damage repair

Damaged bodywork is corrected by first observing the extent of the damage, then deciding how it was caused and the sequence in which it occurred. The reason for doing this is to help plan the repair procedure and correctly estimate the final cost. Your experience will teach you what to expect, especially in terms of hidden damage, that is the damage of inner panels and components in particular types of accidents. It is usually the concealed damage that is the most expensive to repair, as it usually involves considerable stripping to reach the damaged part. So let’s have a look at this inmore detail. Damage can be classified into two groups, these are:

Direct or primary damage. This results from the impact on the area in actual contact with the object causing the damage. This will result in the largest area of visible damage and is the cause of all other consequent damage. Primary damage is identified by first determining the direction of the primary impact. This knowledge will help in the search for concealed damage.