chapter  15
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Bodyshop planning

Setting up a bodyshop capable of carrying out repairs that will meet the quality standards of customers, insurance companies and motor manufacturers requires significant investment in time and money. Therefore to set up or redevelop a bodyshop, professional advice is essential. There are a number of suppliers, manufacturers and

independent consultants offering a range of planning, design and consultancy services, from simple equipment layouts to sophisticated three-dimensional computerized blueprints. The design and planning services provide everything for the re-equipping of new bodyshops in existing premises, extensions to original bodyshops, or the total development of greenfield sites. Pre-planning is essential, whether for the building of a new bodyshop or the remodelling of existing premises, because it is necessary to be certain that the finished bodyshop will meet all the operational requirements before construction is started. It is therefore important to conduct as much market research as possible before finalizing your plans. This research should include asking bodyshop staff what improvements they would like to see in the new bodyshop, visiting other bodyshops, and talking to other managers to collect advice and recommendations about good practice and possible problems to be avoided, and employing consultants to help you through the process.