chapter  4
The Inter-regional Distribution of West German Multinationals in The United Kingdom
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It is probable that in early 1980 over one million UK manufacturing workers were employed in plants owned by multinational enterprises based outside the United Kingdom. The latest available data from the Business Statistics Office indicate that the number of such workers rose from 821,576 in 1973 to 925,689 in 1975. Although the US-based multinationals are dominant within the United Kingdom, an important subgroup is made up of EEC-based multinationals for whom employment rose from 107,000 to 118,000 over the same two-year period. Of course, these increases do not necessarily represent additions to the UK manufacturing work-force, as they are due partly to transfers of ownership from the indigenous to the foreign-owned sectors. Earlier analyses of UK employment data have examined the overall pattern of employment in foreign-owned plants (Dicken and Uoyd, 1976; McDermott, 1977; Watts, 1979 and 1980b) as well as investigating the location of European-owned plants (Watts, 1980a). This chapter develops from this earlier work and focuses upon the spatial patterns created within the United Kingdom by multinationals based in the German Federal Republic.