chapter  6
The Geographical Pattern of the Australian Trading Banks' Overseas Representation
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Australia has six major domestically owned banks (soon to be reduced to four by take-overs). These are the Commonwealth Trading Bank (CTB), which is government-owned, the Bank of New South Wales (BNSW), the Commercial Bank of Australia (CBA), the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney (CBCS), the National Bank and the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ).1 All of these banks are large enough to be of world significance. In 1979, for instance, each of them appeared in the 'Top 300' list published by The Banker (see Table 6.1). This chapter has one quite simple aim, which is to investi· gate the geographical pattern of overseas representation of these six trading banks. The first part therefore considers the form and extent of overseas representation, while the second part considers the impact of regulation on this pattern of representation. Finally, in a brief conclusion, some further directions for research are pointed out.