chapter  6
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On the Tenure Track

Undoubtedly, the greatest concern for new faculty is not class size, distance between office door and parking space, or research agenda, but rather promotion and tenure (P&T). Achieving promotion and tenure consumes junior faculty energy for the first five, six, or seven years of their professional career. It may be easier on junior faculty if the document describing P&T procedures and the faculty presiding over the P&T committee interpreted the document identically and consistently. It may be helpful if the senior faculty discussed it with new faculty . . . period. Often untenured faculty shy from asking their tenured colleagues for this much needed assistance. Of the junior faculty who do ask for help, they find that different senior faculty colleagues offer different subjective judgments of what it takes to secure tenure and that may differ from advice given by the department chair or advice shared with other junior colleagues in the same or neighboring departments.