chapter  9
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Faculty and Administrator Relationships

Often professors who step from their tenured ranks into administrative appointments tend to be regarded as alien beings by the faculty colleagues they left behind. They still work in the same academic culture but they now view it from different perspectives and thus develop different realities about what it should be and what direction it should take. Faculty assumes department head/chair and dean positions for varying reasons ranging from financial gain to duty to one’s institution. Unfortunately, many experience difficulty transitioning to their new role while still maintaining affinity for their previous role (Carroll & Wolverton, 2004). Department heads, while answering to the dean at whose pleasure they serve, differ from department chairs who must liaise between department and dean while being “responsible for and answerable to faculty colleagues” (Hecht, 2004, p. 40). Thus, the career move from academic to academic leader and/or manager tends to confound chairs/heads. The role shift takes time either in leader preparation or management skill development as well as role socialization and on-the-job training (Gmelch, 2004). The vignettes in this chapter illustrate the difficulty of these roles and responsibilities following transition.