chapter  2
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Faculty Search Committees: Finding the Correct Match

Newly hired faculty experience the hiring side of the search committee process. But, at some point, all faculty will serve on a search committee. The process entails CVs, phone interviews, on-campus interviews, calls from the dean or department chair, and unfortunately, writing or receiving the rejection letter. The ultimate search committee goal seems to be to find a good ‘fit’ for the department (academic). Faculty also tends to look for someone who ‘fits in’ with the rest of the department (social, personal). Arguments for and against these guidelines of homosocial reproduction tend to create either insular or homogeneous depart - ments. On the other hand, if the candidate fits in, he or she most likely will stay and the department will forego another expensive and time-consuming search in the near future (Landrum & Clump, 2004).