chapter  4
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Teaching Online: Shoot, Aim, Ready

Perhaps the greatest mistake made by administrators and the worst assumption held by faculty is that one could take a face-to-face course and transition it to online without any additional considerations. Voila! Because administrators sought to deliver more courses to more people at less cost and faculty sought to minimize the work they faced transitioning to online, neither approached the benefits of online delivery by examining what the medium has to offer in terms of enhancing instructional delivery. The possibilities for learning based on the many features of the online format matched to the course objectives should generate the best results. Simply recreating the face-to-face course online rarely reproduces the tangible classroom, hence, the result is faculty disappointment and the likelihood of limited student learning. However, utilizing the many benefits of the online format with the help and guidance of trained instructional design professionals offers more options and benefits to the online instructor than could be realized in the classroom. In the following series of vignettes the situations feature faculty

willing to embrace online delivery but they illustrate that without assistance, especially from competent leadership and also the support from instructional design personnel, faculty encounter difficulty.