chapter  15
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Of the sins of Forugh Farrokhzad

Farrokhzad may best be described as a natural poet, a virtually untrained singer whose songs betray an inner familiarity and intimacy with the instruments and devices which make for technically developed lyricism. This is evident from the very first poems which she published at the age of 16, however less mature they might look compared with the later poems, including those written before her personal and poetical Rebirth. Through her first three books, Asir ([The] Captive), Divar ([The] Wall) and Esyan (Rebellion), the critic may trace the process of development in the first part of her poetical career, although this does not mean that every poem looks somewhat more mature than those written previously, and this is certainly true of the poem entitled Gonah (Sin). Although ‘Sin’ was first published as the first poem in Farrokhzad’s second collection (The) Wall, it was written in 1954 and really belongs to the poems of the first collection, (The) Captive. ‘Sin’ is a defiant description of a passionate liaison of a married woman with her lover, and this liaison is explicit in at least two poems published earlier in (The) Captive, namely Harja’i (Tramp) and Div-e shab (The Demon of Night).