chapter  4
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Abolitionist and Suff ragist

Th e woman who, from then on, would be known as Sojourner Truth struck out on foot from Manhattan. She crossed the East River by ferry boat into Brooklyn and continued walking east on Long Island. Her mission was to urge people to refrain from sin and embrace Jesus, “her heart strong in the faith that her true work lay before her, and that the Lord was her director.” She planned not only to travel east, but to “lecture,” as she designated it, “testifying of the hope that was in her-exhorting the people to embrace Jesus, and refrain from sin.” 1 Her pilgrimage ended eight months later, in 1844, when she arrived in Northampton, Massachusetts aft er having walked through New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Like a religious pilgrim, she left with only the clothes on her back and a single coin in her pocket. She embraced her new identity as an itinerant preaching woman who would tell any willing listener about Jesus.